Coconut Campaign

This is the layout, plan, and encounters for the D&D campaign in the Coconut House.


The campaign begins in one of the vagabond settlements, Apertorie. Each character should have their own backstory, including but not limited to why they are at Apertorie. Better backstories that explain more of a characters motivations, skill sets, etc, will get more plot XP as it is revealed.

Character Creation

As a character, you should know your character's history, motivations, etc. You'll be starting at level 4, and if in a natural fashion you can weave in your own backstory to your fellow adventurers you will get an experience boost. Do not tell anyone but Philip your backstory before the game begins. During the game, as a matter of course, you may of course tell anyone. This is to ensure that Philip can tailor any character-specific plot points properly, but as in life, your characters don't know everything about every other character.

Your character will start with 5000 gp of gold value in any combination of equipment you desire. You will have to select before the first session. All players will start with free clothes if you don't purchase magical ones, bedroll, canteen, and two weeks of field rations. The rates at the local inns are 5cp/night for the run-down one, and 3sp/night for the nicer one. (1pp=10gp=100sp=10,000cp; platinum, gold, silver, copper).


The PCs (Aerie, Sloshy, and Grolsch) made their way to the crypt. They chose the correct crypt on the first try, after which they took the leftmost path, saw water, and took the center path. They defeated the hellhounds with some difficulty, solved the Sphinx's riddle, then walked down the passageway to the dragon.

Unable to convince the dragon to part with the chest, they traded the gloves, pink pearl, and red spinel for a gold, silver, and copper peice, respectivley (the dragon valued variety in addition to value). A Detect Magic by Grolsch saw the Sphinx had some hidden treasure, but they got overzealous with the dragon and attempted to fight him. Quickly realizing they were outmatched in this weakened state, they ran back out, triggered the Acid Arrow trap, and took their (then) leftmost path, seeing (but not fighting) the Black Pudding. They returned to the center path and ran out to rest.

After completing their "proving grounds" dungeon (killing the dragon, and having a bad encounter with an Ooze), the PCs brought the chest of items back to Apertorie, palming the pink pearl, the gloves, and the diamond. Upon arriving, the Mouth sent them on a mission of redemption, along with a half-elf named Loki.

Before stopping by the dragon caves, the PCs went to Reylan and in the process, got lost and were arrested. They escaped, courtesy Soften Stone and Badger!Badger!Badger!, and ran to the dragon caves.

At the caves, they are escorted to the eyrie of the Great Wyrm Gold Dragon, who informs them of the soul capture and her own entrapment in her crystal cave. She gates them to Yutan, where they buy a scroll of raise dead, buy Aeire some armor, and steal a scroll of [Time Stop/Summon Monster IX/Bibgy's Crushing Hand/]. They're informed of the 4000gp cost of Disjunction, and go searching for a sidequest to gain some money ...

zip file of character sheets (Excel 2007+)